Health Spa

Health Spa

Step into the only indoor and outdoor spa in Mahabaleshwar. Enter a hygienically maintained, efficiently managed wellness centre, cocooned in the foliage from all sides.

Surrender yourself to the mystical healing power of our Rejuvenation Spa Therapies, Beauty Treatments, Facials, Scrubs and Wraps, enhanced by the soothing sounds of soft music and the therapeutic aroma of essential oils to nurture your body, mind and soul. Professionally operated by Marigold SPA’S - one of India’s most rapidly growing spa chains - our Spa has expert masseur and therapists who work wonders with their nimble, practiced fingers.

Marigold Body and Beauty treatments rely on nature’s own pharmacopoeia to produce results. They not only cleanse and soften the skin, but also draw out impurities from within and heal deep pain while it relaxes and soothes one’s soul in a peaceful atmosphere. There is more to our Spa than therapies and treatments. Experience the soothing feeling as the warm water pressure jets massage your tired body at the spacious king size Jacuzzi.

Sweat out the extra kilos at the state-of-the-art body workshop The Gymnasium, complete with commercial treadmills, rovers, walkers and multi-gym systems. And for those who want to meditate in resonance with nature, we have created a special naturally shaded area with cool stone sit outs and benches. We also provide quality meditation mats for the same.

Best Health Management

Ramsukh, a High-end Pure Vegetarian Resort with 4 star standards is spread Over 3 Acres and is built carefully into the hillside with breathtaking view of nature. A heaven in the hills of Mahabaleshwar …!

Kshetra Mahabaleshwar is located in centre of a very vibrant rainforest area at 4700 ft above the Sea Level & Free of Noise and Air Pollution. The Air plays a good effect on your Skin. The Spa is also located amongst woods, making a feel of Rainforest enjoyable.

In today’s urban life we completely ignore our Health. In many cases amount of money spent on food is equal to amount spent on Medicines. We are stressed out as we have the money but not good health to enjoy our money. We have designed these packages to combine along with physical good health, building up of patience and calmness in our mental makeup. This activity is undertaken at Ramsukh, with an effort to combine nature, food and health to give you a very Relaxing and Rejuvenating experience. Looking at our good experience with the Spa, we have now introduced health package. Now we are in a position to deliver better Maintenance of good health, Prevention of ill Health and Cure to regular Health Problems. We offer personalized care along with Ayurvedic principles of health Management experience Ayurvedic Doctor and Therapists are from Marigold Ayurvedic & Yoga Retreat, Mulshi, and Pune.

Marigold has been successful in treating several chronic Patients and has a team of very Dedicated Professionals.

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